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    The Medford School District has elected to use the SafeSchools online safety training program to train employees on school-related safety issues.  SafeSchools offers trainings in all facets of school safety issues, and its compliance management system tracks all the training for the district, allowing us to easily demonstrate state and federal compliance with safety mandates. 

    To access the District's SafeSchools training programs, please click on the link below:


    New Medford School District employees will be given 7 days from the new employee orientation date to complete their training.

    Returning Medford School District employees will be designated time to work on SafeSchools courses because training is to be completed during work hours. (Please work with your Principal or Building Administrator if other arrangements must be made).  SafeSchools training for returning employees will be available in August and is due October 30th.

    You may contact SafeSchools for Technical Support at 800-434-0154 or via email at info@safeschools.com. For further assistance, contact the Medford School District SafeSchools Administrator, Rosie Sanchez at Rocio.Sanchez@medford.k12.or.us