Local to Nationwide Scholarships

  • There are hundreds, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of individual scholarships sponsored by foundations, corporations, individuals, and other organizations. Some of these scholarships are local scholarships provided by individuals or organizations in a student’s own “backyard.” Some of these scholarships may be provided by national, widely recognized corporations or organizations. The SMHS Panther Future Center posts information and access links to some of the more recognized scholarships. Students should frequently check the PFC website for possible scholarship opportunities and deadlines.

    Something to remember when applying for individual scholarships is that the easier it is to apply and the more money that is offered often equals a correspondingly less chance of getting the scholarship. Also, there is usually a better chance of getting a scholarship offered within a student’s own community than a random nation-wide scholarship for which thousands of students apply.  It is up to each student to evaluate the work/reward ratio and decide which scholarships are worth the effort.

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