Dual Language Program
  • The Medford School District is proud to host a dual-language program at Jackson Elementary School.

    What is a Dual Language Program?

    Dual language education is the best educational model to produce graduates who can not only speak in two languages but also read and write in both Spanish and English. Students will also have the opportunity to earn a Biliteracy Seal.


    Dual language programs prepare students to become college and career ready in two languages. Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to compete in our global society.


    Jackson Elementary School offers a kindergarten English-Spanish dual-language program that started in 2019-2020 that allows students to grow with the program as they progress through school. In 2020-21, Jackson's program will advance to first grade and another track will open with kindergarten. In kindergarten, 90% of the day is taught in Spanish and 10% in English. In each subsequent grade-level, the percentage of English increases by 10% until the fifth grade when students are instructed half their day in English and half in Spanish.

    Basic Info:

    • Families must choose to be in the program. This is a long term commitment and students need the full support of their families to succeed. To be a part of this innovative program, it is not a requirement for parents/guardians to be bilingual.
    • Learning both languages begins immediately. Each student in the program spends part of their day learning in their native language. It takes most people 5-7 years to become fully fluent in a second language. Dual language students learn the same grade level standards as their peers.
    • Students are models for each other, in addition to the teacher. Children have a natural language-­learning capacity which allows them to easily pick up a new language through exploration and play.

    Upcoming Meetings:

    The following meetings will be held at Jackson Elementary. Child care for school-aged children will be provided. An interpreter will also be present. Please call Jackson Elementary at 541-842-3770 if you have any additional questions regarding these meetings.

    • March 11 
      • Parents are encouraged to attend this informational meeting to find out more about the Dual Language program.
    • May 20
      • This is a required meeting for parents of students who have been selected to attend the program.

    Who is Eligible? 

    The program at Jackson is open to incoming kindergartners and first graders. Medford School District students have first priority. 

    How Do I Apply?

    Click the following link to view the Dual Language Program Application

    Selection Process:

    Jackson students will have priority placement. 

    If we receive more applications than spaces available, we will hold a random lottery drawing to select the students. A waitlist will be created for the remaining students. As openings occur, students from the waitlist will be placed in the order they were drawn.

    Questions? Contact the school office at 541 842-3770.