Frequently Asked Questions
  •  What will happen to Central Medford High School (CMHS)?

    • Central is moving to a new location! The Medford School District Board of Directors has voted to move forward with the process of purchasing Cobblestone Village on N. Riverside Avenue for CMHS and other alternative programs. CMHS Principal Amy Herbst sent this letter to families regarding the move. 

    What will happen to the special education programs currently housed in the Central Medford High School building?

    • These are the following Special Education programs currently located at Central High/MSD Education Center and possible next steps:
      • STEPS PLUS: Southern Oregon Education Services District (SOESD)regional program. There are several possibilities for this program including remaining at the current location, moving to another location within MSD or another school district in Jackson County.
      • TRANSITION PROGRAM: This is an MSD program for students ages 18-21.  This program may move to the new Central High location or to a separate location.
      • MAPS 2: This is an MSD high school program. This program will be relocated to North or South Medford high schools.

    Will Ruch Outdoor Community School (K-8) be affected by the opening of a new middle school?

    • No, Ruch will not be affected.

    When will sixth graders be moved to middle schools?

    • All sixth-graders will move to middle schools in the fall of 2021. This is not a new experience for lots of Medford students.  Many of our sixth-graders already attend middle school as part of our successful Sixth Grade Academy at Hedrick and McLoughlin middle schools. Sixth graders also attend Ruch Outdoor Community School as part of its K-8 model, and many are in similar models in our charter schools. Oak Grove Elementary is now our first K-5 elementary school. 

    Which middle school will my child attend?

    • An external demographer will analyze the current population and future projected growth of students in the Medford School District (MSD). This data will be utilized by a community-led Attendance Zoning Committee that will propose attendance boundaries for the 2021-2022 school year. The proposed boundaries will be shared with the community for feedback and will be presented to the Board for approval.  Attendance zones will be published by December 2020. 

    Could my child stay at her or his current middle school?  If eighth-graders are allowed to stay at a middle school, will their siblings be allowed to stay as well? 

    • Grandfathering students at their current campus and/or allowing siblings to remain will be considered, based on the demographic study and the capacity of our middle schools.  

    Will staff be moved to different schools as a result of moving sixth-graders?

    • After the attendance zones are established, the District will determine what level of staffing is needed to support teaching and learning at the middle school level; and at the same time, what level of staffing will be needed at the new middle school.  Some of the staffing may be new positions and some may require the need to transfer staff. Once levels of staffing are determined, the District will create and share the process for any changes that may occur and will work with the District’s labor organizations, the Medford Education Association and Oregon School Employees Union to ensure that any changes involving existing staff members follow the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

    How can I get involved in this process?

    • The MSD values input from all of its stakeholders. Stay tuned for opportunities to sign up for the Attendance Zoning Committee, as well as opportunities for public feedback on proposed attendance zones. 

    Are the District Offices moving? 

    • At this time, District Offices will be remaining on the second floor of the current building. 

    What about the last bond that passed?

    • Voters passed a bond in November 2006 to build a new high school for South Medford
    • $189 million general obligation bond
    • Former school on S. Oakdale was no longer suited for nearly 2,000 high school students
      • Had the school district opted to upgrade the building back then, it would not have solved overcrowding, traffic issues, or parking constraints
    • Since the bond, the S. Oakdale building has been improved in many ways to safely provide education for nearly 300 students in multiple programs and to provide quality workspace for the district’s administration and school support staff. 
    • There is some work to be done to prepare for 850 to 950 middle school students such as more parking, improved weatherization, and seismic reinforcements. 
    • Classroom spaces that now contain offices will be reclaimed and we expect to modernize the facility to meet the needs of 21st century learners. 
    • While S. Oakdale Avenue is still not viable for a large high school, we believe it will make an outstanding middle school.

    Are there special licensing requirements for middle school teachers?

    • To teach 6th grade in the following subjects:  Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music and PE; a teacher must either have an Elementary Multiple Subjects endorsement on their teaching license; or have a subject-specific endorsement. There are restrictions on teaching Reading, Music and PE more than 50% of the day without a subject-specific endorsement.  Any core content taught at the 7th-grade level or above needs to have a subject-specific endorsement. For any specific questions, please contact the Human Resources Department at 541-842-3625.