Attendance Zoning
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    The Medford School District (MSD) is opening a third middle school in the fall of 2021! At that time, all sixth graders will move to middle schools, offering lots of opportunities for students, and freeing up several classrooms at each of our elementary schools. 

    Our Attendance Zoning Committee (AZ Committee) is currently in progress and will be recommending new school boundaries for the 2021-2022 school year for middle schools in the MSD. The committee may consider attendance boundaries for elementary and high schools, as needed. The recommendation for attendance zones will be made to the Medford School District Board of Directors, who will make the final decision.

    Click here to view the AZ Committee charter, which includes detailed information about the process.

    Click here for more information on Middle School Number 3.

    The district did not limit the number of people serving on the committee, but there will be a limitation on the number of voting members per neighborhood. 


    The AZ Committee is a five-month commitment (January-May) that will meet two to three times a month for approximately two hours per meeting. Meetings are scheduled for the following dates (below); however, If there is a need for more meetings per month, it will be discussed with the committee.

    The committee meets on the second and fourth (with an adjustment for spring break) Wednesdays of the month from 4-6 pm, on the following dates:

    • Jan. 15 - Room 267/268
    • Jan. 29 - Room 267/268
    • Feb. 12 - Room 254
    • Feb. 26 - Room 267/268 - CANCELED
    • March 4 - Boardroom
    • March 18 - Room 267/268 
    • April 8 - Boardroom - Tentative Public Forum
    • April 22 - Boardroom - Tentative Public Forum
    • May 13 - Room 267/268 - As Needed
    • May 27 - Boardroom - As Needed

    Applications Now Closed. Register to serve on the AZ Committee here! (Spanish Application) We will need the following information from you: name, address, role (parent, educator, community member), phone number, email address, reason you want to serve on the committee.  (Note: Your application will be time-stamped, and if a vote is needed to make a final recommendation, one vote per neighborhood will be recorded. The voting member will be the first member of the committee who registered.) 

    Tentative Timeline:

    Fall 2019

    District engages outside demographer to determine current population and  potential future growth

    Winter 2019

    District recruits Attendance Zoning (AZ) Committee members

    January 2020

    Attendance Zoning (AZ) Committee meets, reviews charter, begins work

    Spring 2020

    AZ Committee finalizes Community Feedback Recommendation

    March 2020

    AZ Committee presents Community Feedback Recommendation to Board

    April 2020

    AZ Committee holds at least two community forums and considers feedback to determine final recommendation to present to Board

    May 2020

    Board finalizes Attendance Boundaries, using Final Recommendation

    June 2020

    Attendance Zones for 2021-2022 published

    August 2021

    MS #3 Opens

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will the new boundaries go into effect?

    • Fall of 2021

    Will students be able to continue attending their current schools?

    • The AZ Committee will not make a decision on students being allowed to “grandfather” at their current campus.  A “grandfathering” decision will be made by the district after attendance zones are adopted for the middle schools.  The decision will be based on the demography numbers, and student capacities of the existing buildings, examined in tiers.  Students will be allowed to stay in their previously zoned school up to the current school up to 90% capacity of the building, using the following tiers:  
      • Tier 1:  Students who are in seventh grade in the 2020-2021 school year; if there is room after that, 
      • Tier 2:  Siblings of students attending the school in the 2021-2022 school year; if there is room after that,
      • Tier 3:  Students who are in sixth grade in the 2020-2021 school year. 

    Will students on transfers need to fill out a new one?

    • Yes.  Given the changing attendance zones, it will be critical for us to have a clear count of all who are requesting to attend the schools. 

    Why is it so important to balance enrollment across our schools?

    Middle schools of similar sizes can offer a similar range of academic, electives and co-curricular programs. While Medford-area high schools don’t have exactly the same offerings, they are comparable in quality and scope.