• Who is a good candidate for Medford Online Academy?

    Online learning transfers much of the responsibility of learning to the student

    That is, students will need self-motivation, time-management, and strong communication skills in order to be successful.

    What does that look like?

    • Time-management skills are necessary to handle the responsibility of self-pacing. Take Ownership of your learning!
    • Self-motivation skills are required to remain on track and engaged without constant guidance from a teacher.
      • Aim for 1 hour each day for every course enrolled. If you are enrolled in 6 courses aim for 6 hours of work/studying per day.
      • Available to attend live classroom instruction, or help session
      • Available to watch recordings when live instruction is missed
    • Self-reflection skills enable students to understand why they are falling behind. (Am I not spending enough time on the content, or do I not understand what is being taught?)
      • Overall grade is what you have turned in (understanding the material)
      • Actual grade takes into account if you are behind in the course - if this is lower you will want to reorganize your current schedule to provide more time to online learning or seek help.
    • Students must have the ability and willingness to learn independently since students may have little occasion to interact with peers.
    • Students must recognize learning strategies that support success (note taking, self-questioning, etc.).
      • Review your notes prior to each assessment
    • Effective communication skills are necessary for communicating with teachers to ask questions, receive support, and stay on pace.
      • Communication with online teacher on an ongoing basis by email or phone
    • Basic technical skills are required to navigate the course, web links, and additional content and learning tools.

    Who do I contact now if I am a good candidate for Medford Online?

    • If you are new to Medford School District, and would like to join us, please contact our office. 
    • If you are a current Medford School District student, please visit www.medford.k12.or.us/MOARegistration