[Reopening] Plans

  • As you know, the state is now allowing us to return students to school buildings as long as we follow rigorous health and safety guidance. It is with much excitement and anticipation we share some of the details of our plans to urgently and responsibly transition students to in-person learning. 

    We will immediately begin increasing opportunities for students to learn on campus during the transition (Hybrid Ramp-In), while planning to have all elementary students back in school starting February 22 and all secondary students back in school the Monday after Spring Break, March 29.

    Our plan will be centered on prioritizing health and safety for all by following the guidance outlined in our safety standards. Please know if you plan to attend in-person (and we hope you do!), we will be asking families to agree to a social contract that will protect our friends and community that includes wearing face coverings as well as practicing physical distancing and hand-washing.  

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