• Getting Started On Your Chromebook


    Turn on your Chromebook by pressing the power button.

    The button should be located on the left side next to the power plug port. If the device has not been charged, you may need to plug it in before you can turn it on. Plug your charging cable into the left side port near the power button.



    Connect to WiFi or cellular hot spot.

    There is a white screen that should list the different WiFi networks available. Click on your home network. Enter your home wireless password that is associated with your home wireless network.



    Reset your student password.

    All student passwords were reset over the summer. Please follow these instructions to reset your password. When resetting your password, you will use your Student ID and birthday. You can reset your password on the Chromebook or in any browser.

    • Students must enroll in the self-service program in order to use the self-service program (see instructions linked above)
    • You must follow the exact steps found on the instruction sheet
    • The other issue is that you must use dashes (NOT slashes) in their birthday. Ex: 12-12-12



    Login to your Chromebook with your new password.

    When you go to login, the camera will come up on your screen. Scroll down and you will see a button called “Medford School District.” Click on it. You should now be on the sign-in page. 

    • Enter your username with this format: student\123456 (123456 is an example Student ID number, each student needs to use their own Student ID number when logging on) 
    • Enter your district password. 
    • Press “Sign In.” 



    Login to Canvas through HelloID

    • Go to the HelloID portal: https://medfordsd.helloid.com
    • Enter your Student ID and Password.
    • Press ‘Log In’.
    • From the HelloID portal, click on the Canvas icon and go directly to your Canvas dashboard.
    • Click on the tile with your teacher's name to enter your virtual classroom and begin learning!



    Need help? Cannot get started? Do not have wifi access where you live? Device is not functioning properly? Do not remember your password?

    Contact the Medford School District Help Desk either by email at HelpDesk@medford.k12.or.us or phone at 541-842-1111.