March 8, 2022

    Greetings, Medford School District Families!

    Monday, March 14, the Medford School District will move to a mask optional policy, meaning families can choose whether or not their student wears a mask. Contact tracing and quarantine rules are also paused. So, what’s important for you to know?

    • Your student may mask or not mask.

    • If your student has symptoms, please keep them home.

    • If your student has COVID, please let us know, and keep them home for five days.

    • We are supportive of those who continue to mask.

    • We will have no tolerance for bullying.

    • In MSD, ALL are Learning and Learning is for ALL - this is true if you learn with a mask on or no mask.

    • Please be kind to one another.


    Bret Champion

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