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  • All sixth graders are joining us in (6-8) middle schools starting 2023-24 school year!

    That’s when Oakdale Middle School will open and we will have three comprehensive middle schools in addition to Ruch Outdoor Community School (K-8) and MOA as offerings to our students and families.

Our Middle Schools

  • Hedrick
  • Mcloughlin
  • Medford Online Academy
  • Oakdale
  • Ruch Outdoor Community School

Middle School Experience

  • In the Medford School District, middle schools are a place where students explore and discover interests, while making healthy connections with their school community through developmentally appropriate and engaging learning. In our middle schools, students are well-known as part of a community of learners on small grade specific teams led by four core subject teachers. Physical education, vocal and instrumental music, foreign language, STEAM courses and other electives round out their daily schedule. Students have the opportunity to participate in competitive and inclusive athletic programs, as well as in special interest clubs and activities. Visit your school’s website for more information.


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  • Not sure which school your child will attend next year?

    Check out our new attendance zones.

  • Board Adopted Attendance Zones
  • More About Attendance Zoning

2023-2024 School Year

  • Next year, middle school in the Medford School District will become a 6th-8th experience for Hedrick, McLoughlin, and Oakdale. Sixth graders will have their own teams, hallways, and schedules. (Of course, Ruch Outdoor Community School will remain as a K-8 school, and Medford Online Academy will still be available for students in grades 2 - 12!)

All current 5th graders will enter middle school as 6th graders!


  • Schools of Choice

    Along with our three comprehensive middle schools, we have two schools of choice in the Medford School District for middle school students: Medford Online Academy and Ruch Outdoor Community School.

Medford Online Academy

Medford Online Academy Ext

Ruch Outdoor Community School

Ruch Outdoor Community School Ext