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    What does project-based learning mean?

    Project-Based Learning is a way for students to develop deep knowledge and skills through an immediate application with personally meaningful and real-world projects. They engage in rigorous learning of integrated cross-content state standards.

    How do we get information on enrolling an upcoming freshman?

    You can fill out this Intent to Enroll form.

    How do I know if project-based learning is good for my student?
    Students at Innovation Academy will:

    • Work independently and collaboratively

    • Learn and implement the design thinking process

    • Focus on hands-on, authentic projects based on individual or small group interests

    • Engage with community partners

    • Share learning in public exhibitions

    • Earn credit in multiple subjects on each project in personalized ways

    Will they have sports teams? If not, will they be able to participate at North or South?

    While Innovation Academy is NCAA accredited and could have sports teams, it is unlikely we will have traditional sports. If we do not offer the sport of choice for students, students may participate at their resident high school. Our staff is committed to ensuring student athletes are able to participate in their matches or competitions and will partner with resident high schools to support transportation for those events.

    Will there be a bus route available for kids who choose to attend?


    Students will be bussed to  North or South and will catch a transfer bus to Innovation Academy.  Students will be bussed to North or South at the end of the day in time to catch busses home. 


    Will they still earn a diploma? 

    Yes! Students will earn a Medford School District Diploma as they would from any of our four Medford School District High Schools.

    When can a student start at Innovation Academy?

    Students that complete enrollment can begin in the fall at the beginning of the school year. After the school year has started, students may start at Innovation Academy at the start of each “hexter” or six week learning cycle. The starting dates for the 2023-2024 school year are August 28th, October 16th, December 4th, January 29th, March 11th, April 29th.

    Can you provide examples of project based learning that may occur?

    What projects, for example, would students be participating in? Say to complete a math Or language arts credit. 

    Projects will incorporate multiple subject areas. For example, students could participate in a Rocketry project or a Community Garden project for math and science credit. Students could participate in Pixar Storyboarding for English and Art credit or Fashion and Sustainability for Science and Art credit. Students could also take advantage of combining Math and Economics in a Personal Finance project. 

    We are also big on community partnerships and outdoor education. For example, earlier this year, we partnered with Ruch for our Riparian Restoration project, where students earned Science and PE credit. They were learning about native and invasive species in Oregon and then were able to work at the Cantrall Buckley Park in service to the community and in applying their learning through the trail and park restoration project. This included a teaching component where students shared what they learned through resource creation to inform our local community about the different types of plants and their importance to our environment.

    These are just examples of possible projects students could engage in.