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Energy Conservation

The Medford School District is committed to conserving natural resources and enhancing the learning environment by promoting energy efficiency and conservation across the district.

Resource Conservation Mission Statement:

The Medford School District is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable learning environment through efficient and effective use of district resources.

  Conservation and Sustainability Policy:

To help promote and foster an environment of fiscal and resource conservation, all staff read and agree to the Resource Conservation Policy once a year.  This policy is a quantifiable tool with which we can measure our success and compare it to other buildings across the country.

By adopting a Conservation and Sustainability policy, the Medford School District has established its commitment to reducing both our energy consumption, associated costs and the need for resource management across the district.

Energy Trust of Oregon Featured Article - Medford School District Saves Money For What Matters

Energy Trust Article

Goals and Objectives - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely:

  • Work with the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program to establish an energy use baseline for each district site, and to help build a foundation for continuous energy savings.
  • Monitor and reconcile all utility billings. Any areas of increased energy and water consumption will be investigated to ensure applicable corrective measures are taken.
  • Evaluate each District site to identify future energy efficient improvement opportunities.
  • Establish an energy and waste site inspection program to give feedback to each District site.
  • Identify the percentage of energy consumption related to outside organization’s usage.
  • All capital projects and purchases will take energy efficiency and its environmental impact into account.
  • Establish a champion at each site to promote and support the districts conservation efforts.
  • Establish a district wide incentive program that rewards sites which contribute to the continuous improvement process and meet energy saving and conservation benchmarks.
  • Each site will maintain a recycling program.
  • Increase every site’s resource conservation participation through education and feedback.
  • Each district site will become energy star certified through the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager.
  • In partnership with the District’s Communication Specialist, the District will capitalize on public relation opportunities to message and highlight the District’s conservation effort to the community.

Energy Conservation:

  • During the most recent bond work Senate Bill 1149 (SB1149) funds were used to upgrade mechanical and electrical systems and improve building operating efficiencies.  SB 1149 and Energy Trust of Oregon incentives help contribute to greater energy efficiency across the district by offsetting the costs of capital projects and reducing operating costs.

Programs and Partners:

To better grow resource conservation, the Medford School District has collaborated with the Strategic Energy Management Program. The program is funded through a public purpose utility charge, to promote energy conservation and renewable energy growth.

  • Strategic Energy Management Program (Energy Trust)In 2015, the Medford School District enrolled in the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Commercial Strategic Energy Management program.  By participating in this program, we receive technical support, state of the art tools and templates, along with site assessment support and training from energy experts.  This free program has contributed to a 5-10% reduction in energy and helped the district promote/increase energy conservation by providing a $.02/kWh incentive for energy savings, estimated at $11,000.00 for 2016.
  • Existing Buildings(Energy Trust) Incentivizes retro commissioning of equipment and building, this program has contributed thousands of dollars to incorporate energy efficiency in our capital projects, and has financed scoping studies to help identify future efficiency projects. 
  • Commercial Lighting (Energy Trust):  Offers rebates for updating lighting and controls. This program contributes to continued savings across the district by offsetting the cost of adding more energy efficient, longer lasting fixtures or lamps.


  • LED Upgrade - An Oregon Department of Energy grant in 2015 for $112,542.00 and a $38,700.00 incentive from Energy Trust enabled the Medford School District to upgrade 1,103 T-12 fluorescent fixtures to energy efficient LED’s and to remove an additional 271 fixtures at the MSD Education Center.  With less than $2,300.00 out-of-pocket cost, Energy Trust estimated 340,000 kWh and $30,000.00 annually in avoided energy consumption and costs.  LED lamps have been shown to improve student performance, behavior and mood.  They will also last up to five times longer than the older florescent lamps. ·        


  • Equipment Upgrades:  MSDEC chiller project replaced a 30-year-old 40-ton chiller with a new 37-ton more efficient model.  MSD will receive $5,700.00 incentive for this project and save 22,893 kWh and $1,759.00 annually.
  • North Gym-Proposal-Lighting Upgrade:  The NMHS Gymnasium currently has over 196 florescent fixtures that require setting up scaffold to change out burnt lamps and ballasts.  By replacing these lamps to LED, we will save 102,000 kWh and the LED bulbs will last five times as long, therefore reducing equipment and labor costs. 

   Recycling/Waste Management:

All district locations will participate in recycling.  In Oregon, this has been a free service up until January 2017 when Rogue Disposal began charging for commingle recycling.  All schools recycling services were audited to reduce cost while still providing recycling services.

In addition, the district enrolled four individuals into the Jackson County Master Recyclers course to help increase awareness and improve our existing program.  Check out the program at  

Energy Team and Participation:

As a result of our enrollment in SEM, the Medford School District created an energy team for the district. The energy team currently includes staff from across the district, but is looking to expand.

Questions, comments or interested in joining the Energy Team?  Please contact the Resource Conservation Specialist.