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Energy Project Highlights

Energy Project Highlights 

LED Upgrade: An Oregon Department of Energy Grant in 2015 for $112,542.00 and a $38,700.00 incentive from Energy Trust enabled the Medford School District to upgrade 1,103 T-12 fluorescent fixtures to energy efficient LED’s and to remove an additional 271 fixtures at the MSD Education Center. With less than $2,300.00 out-of-pocket cost, Energy Trust estimated 340,000 kWh and $30,000.00 annually in avoided energy consumption and costs.  LED lamps have been shown to improve student performance, behavior and mood. They will also last up to five times longer than the older fluorescent lamps. 
LED Project

  McLoughlin Science Room Window Upgrade:  Replacement of these 14 windows added value to our energy conservation effort.  

McLoughlin Windows

  Equipment Upgrades:  TheMSDEC Annex Chiller Replacement was completed in early 2017, replacing a 30-year-old 40-ton chiller with a new 37-ton more efficient model. MSD will receive a $5,700.00 incentive for this project and will save 22,893 kWh and $1,759.00 annually. 


 North Gym-Proposal-Lighting Upgrade:  The NMHS Gymnasium currently has over 196 fluorescent fixtures that require setting up scaffold to change out burnt lamps and ballasts. By replacing these lamps to LED we will save 102,000 kWh and the LED bulbs will last five times as long, therefore reducing equipment and labor costs.