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Facilities Grounds Staff


Ron Havniear - Executive Director of Security, Leadership & Facilities

Andy Chasteen - Facilities Manager

Tina Chasteen - Administrative Assistant
Hannah Maynard - Office Manager 
Seth Barry - Resource Conservation/Project Specialist  

Site Supervisors 

Brent DeWolf - Custodial Supervisor

Ron Shaw - North Medford High School 
Jaime Cruise - South Medford High School 
Jim Norris - Oakdale Middle School
Andy Altmann - Hedrick Middle School
Wenny Garachico - McLoughlin Middle School
Jon Moore - Elementary Schools
Esteban Victorio - Elementary Schools

Carpentry Department 

Eric Poppe - Carpentry Supervisor

Aaron Hollins - Painter
Jon Herzog - Locksmith
Brian Rowlett - Carpenter
Mark Winner - Carpenter
Brian Gano - Carpenter
Shawn Hoy - Carpenter
Aaron Aho - Carpenter  

Mechanical Department 

Larry Anderson - Mechanical Supervisor

Cody Fleming - Electrical Specialist II
Roger Moulard - HVAC Technician
Marlon Taylor - Electrical Specialist I
Rick Householder - Electrical Specialist I
Gary Severe - HVAC Technician
Andy Lee - Plumber
Michael Medel - Plumber  

Grounds Department  

Jeffrey Morejohn - Grounds Supervisor

Scott Davis - Fabricator
Chris Altmann - Sports Fields Groundskeeper
Jose Esquivel - Sports Fields Groundskeeper
John Havniear - Groundskeeper
Josh Baker - Groundskeeper
‚ÄčOscar Zamarripa - Groundskeeper
Stan Swartz - Groundskeeper
Andrew Scott - Groundskeeper 
Jeremiah White - Groundskeeper  
Stephen Moore - Groundskeeper 
Jabez Rhoades - Groundskeeper