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Maintenance – Work Orders, Projects, Preventative Maintenance

It is important that all work pertaining to facilities and grounds be communicated and coordinated with the facilities department prior to any work taking place.

We appreciate all forms of support; however, the MSD inherits the long term responsibilty and liability of work completed.  We do not want volunteers or school staff to have to remove work or alter it after completion; therefore, in the interest of maintaining MSD sites at the highest standards possible, it is important that we partner early on in the process and work together for the duration of the project.  This includes projects ranging from small tasks such as installing benches or simple painting to large scale projects.

Due to a finite amount of resources, accurate prioritization is essential.  The facilities department aligns tasks and resources based on priority.  We do not unilaterally determine priority; we take into account input from several entities before making a determination.  

The MSD has three lines of effort in terms of maintenance: routine maintenance, projects, and preventative maintenance.

Routine Maintenance  

Preventative Maintenance