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We manage over a thousand projects per year.  We use a product known as the “Project Tracker” to track all projects.  Maintenance tasks are moved to the project tracker when they have a higher degree of difficulty, require more coordination, and/or more resources (time, funding, personnel).

Projects fall into two categories:  small/medium projects and capital projects.  Small/medium projects are normally funded with maintenance money and capital projects are funded from the project reserve accounts.  We place all projects requested on the project tracker; however, that does not mean that all projects will be completed.  Some projects are not feasible and some are cost prohibitive. We will input a status on the projects being actively worked on. 

The capital project nomination process starts in Jan/Feb of each year.  If a project is not selected through the process, it will not be completed within the next fiscal year (1 July XX to 30 Jun XX).  It can be re-nominated the following year and reconsidered.  If you have a project that is worthy of capital project consideration, please make sure that it is on the project tracker. 

We also utilize an assessment program and the district’s long range facilities plan when working through the process.    

*Initially, all tasks should be submitted into the work order system.  Once a task is determined to be a project, we will close out the work order and place it onto the project tracker.

*If you do not see your task in the work order system or on the project tracker, then we are not tracking it.  *We plan out winter, spring and summer break project schedules months in advance.  Please do not come back from break with the expectation that a project will be complete; unless, we have communicated our intent to complete this project over break to you.  *Please do not submit a project/work order on the Friday before break and expect the project/task to be complete upon return. The facilities manager sends a monthly facilities update via email to site leadership that includes the updated project and preventative maintenance tracker.     

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