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Wilson Elementary

The health and safety of students and staff are always a priority for the Medford School District. Our Healthy and Safe Schools (HASS) Plan helps to guide our approach to maintaining a safe learning environment.

Effective communication is key to the success of a comprehensive testing strategy. We post current test results on the Facilities website and communicate the results and any necessary action plans to the school and district leadership.


What are the testing schedules?

As part of our comprehensive testing plan, we test for lead and radon on a recurring basis and for other hazards, such as asbestos and mold, when the situation warrants it. We do not test every school annually. Please refer to the test schedules below to see when your school is due for its next round of testing. 

Radon Testing - 6 year plan

Lead Testing - 6 year plan

Are all test results posted on the Facilities website? 

Yes and no. We post the schools most recent test results on the Facilities website. In order to prevent the site from becoming convoluted with years' worth of test results, we move previous years to a MSD internal storage site. However, they are still accessible by request and maintained for trend analysis and historical documentation. 

What if I have additional questions or would like to see test results from previous years?

Test result requests from years past and/or any other inquiries can be directed to the Facilities Department at (541)842-3646 or the MSD Communication Department at