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  Maintenance Work Order System    

Routine Maintenance

We cannot fix it, if we do not know about it.  Through the work order system, we manage several thousand work orders per year.  This system helps us manage the work load effectively and provides historical documentation of maintenance tasks so that we can monitor trends and resources.  We have a monthly schedule established so that sites have some predictability in maintenance visits, but we also work toward district level priority.  This means that on your site's “scheduled day”, crews may move to a bigger priority if and when necessary.  Routine maintenance tasks should be submitted via the work order system at by your building's designated representative.  We work diligently to turn over the routine tasks in the work order system every two weeks.

Keys To Success In The Work Order System:

- Submit clear and legible work orders.

- Do not submit duplicate work orders.  This convolutes the system.

- Do not exaggerate the need.  When this occurs, you are taking a resource away from a site that genuinely needs it.

- We make decisions based on the work order system.  Do not save up tasks at the site that we are not tracking and then hand them to maintenance upon arrival.  Submit them as a work order.  It helps us account for time and determine big picture priority.

- For the sake of site leadership's situational awareness, sites should designate one or two individuals responsible for submitting work orders.  When a work order is submitted, site leadership should be aware of the request and in support of it and the priority level associated with it.

*It is not feasible for facility staff to input daily updates on every work order.  If you have a question regarding a status, please call or email the facilities department, and we will be happy to discuss the task.

*If it is an emergency or an urgent task, please call the facilities office at (541) 842-3646 and follow it up with a work order.

*An emergency to us, means that we are going to stop what we are working on and move resources to your site immediately.

*Urgent means we need to know now, and we will move resources as soon as they are available.