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Publications Department - FAQ

How many sheets of paper can be stapled in thick packets?
50-65 pages can be stapled at a time.  If more pages are needed in a book, we suggest you either have it Spiraled bound, Stapled, Cloth Bound, or 3 hole punched.

What color paper do you have?
The print shop carries a full line of colored bond and card stock. They are:
White, canary, blue, green, pink, buff, goldenrod,salmon. We also have Astroparche, and Astrobright colors.  For those colors you will have to call 3620. Some of the color we have in stock and some we must order.

We do carry NCR 2,3,and 4 part in stock.

I was told my order was shipped, but I have not recieved it. What should I do?
If, after a reasonable amount of time your order has not arrived, the print shop will reprint the order.  Just send it back as top priority, or can Jan.  Often your order is found  somewhere in the building-often in another teachers area.

Are you busy?
Yes, we are busy.. . Remember we are here to print orders for you- so please call us.  Almost any order can be worked in and done for you in a timely fashion.

What is the turn around time?
If it is a small job we could have it out within 24 hours.
If your work order is a larger job, or requires bindery work it may require a few extra days.

Do we print two colored jobs?
Yes, we do.  Please call the print shop  if you have any questions sumitting your order.

What ink colors are available?
Ninty percent of our work is done in black ink, we can print virtually any color of ink you desire.  Please send us a sample of the color you would like printed.  Along with a BLACK copy of what you want printed.