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Publications Department Guidelines

  • Originals: Must be camera ready.  We do not have the facitlites for doing graphics.
  • Originals must have a 1/2" margin at the top (lead edge) of the page and a 3/16" margin on the sides and the bottom of the page.
  • Originals: that are front and back on one sheet of paper count as 2 original pages.
  • Light computer printouts, light type, and poor quality originals are very difficult for our equipment to copy.
  • Identification of your item is needed on each work order.  Keep a record or copy of your work order until you receive your printed material.
  • Due Dates: on multiple work orders, should be spaced over a period of time, rather than all being due on the same date.
  • Work orders are filed by DUE DATES in the Publications Department. If you have the due date available it will be easier to locate your work when you call.