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Balanced Assessment

Our Beliefs

A comprehensive and balanced assessment system is essential for gauging student learning effectively. Our balanced assessment system consists of four components:

In line with state educational requirements, students undergo state-mandated assessments designed to measure their proficiency in core subjects. These assessments, like the Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS) and the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA), provide a standardized benchmark to evaluate individual and collective academic performance that inform the district of students’ needs and future action steps.

District-required diagnostics, like iReady and Foundational Skills Screener, serve as valuable tools to identify specific areas of strength and weakness within both English Language Arts and Math skills, allowing for targeted interventions and resource allocation.  

Puzzle Pieces showing 4 aspects of balanced assessment 

Unit-based assessments provide a more in-depth evaluation of students' mastery of specific topics or skills being learned throughout a unit of study, allowing educators to assess long-term learning and application of knowledge. 

Classroom level, ongoing assessments, such as formative checks, offer teachers real-time insights into student progress, enabling timely adjustments to instruction and feedback to students. 

This multi-faceted approach ensures a whole-child understanding of student achievement that helps to facilitate informed decision-making at the state, district, and classroom levels to enhance overall educational outcomes.

For more information regarding each type of Assessment, please click the link below: 


Jen Mason

Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator

Melissa Johnston

Administrative Assistant