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Language Selection

Literacy & Language Arts

Our Beliefs

In the Medford School District we believe that we are all responsible for promoting and furthering rich literacy instruction. We have the unwavering commitment to all students to ensure they are reading at grade level. Therefore, we will respond with urgency to drive instruction from learning to read to reading to learn by knowing every student by name, strength and need. 


  • Balance of literature and informational text

  • Grade-level text complexity

  • Close reading; text-based evidence

  • Analysis and critique of text

  • Foundational skills


  • Balance of argument, information, and narrative writing

  • Writing routinely and for a range of purposes

  • Use of a writing process

  • Conduct research and cite evidence


  • Embedded in content areas throughout the day

  • Use conventions of spoken and written English

  • Understanding how language functions in different contexts

  • Acquire and use academic vocabulary

  • Build a rich, extensive vocabulary


  • Across content areas throughout the day

  • Presentation of knowledge and ideas

  • Collaborating with others

  • Evaluating and responding

Parent and Community Involvement

MSD encourages families to support their student's development in Literacy and Language Arts. Families and community members can:

  • Volunteer in the Classroom
  • Help students learn to read at home by reading to them or with them then discussing the story
  • Encourage reading by visiting the public library, attending read aloud sessions and listening to audio books
  • Attend school Literacy events
  • Support Literacy programs through your Parent Teacher Organization

English Language Arts Instructional Materials

Oregon ELA Standards

In June 2019, the State Board of Education adopted the Oregon English Language Arts and Literacy Standards, which represent K-12 learning expectations for students in English Language Arts. The Oregon Department of Education collaborated with Oregon educators to identify and develop high quality standards in order to prepare Oregon students with the important knowledge and literacy skills necessary to succeed for college and career readiness. The Standards are the foundation English Language Arts classes that prepare students for the Oregon Diploma.