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Our Beliefs

In the Medford School District, we believe that mathematics is a powerful tool that empowers students to make sense of the world, solve problems and think critically. Our goal is to prepare all students to be future ready, fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, promote mathematical thinking, perseverance, and effective communication, and become confident and competent mathematicians. 

Teachers in the Medford School District believe all students can learn math at high levels and have access to a learning environment where students are: 

  • engaged
  • justifying their mathematical reasoning
  • solving real-world problems
  • exposed to Hands-on, Minds-on experiences
  • engaged in student-to-student discourse
  • experiencing productive struggle
  • not afraid of making mistakes
  • happy and confident mathematicians

And teacher's instruction: 

  • is active, engaged and has productive noise
  • facilitates student-lead discourse and uses intentional flexible groupings
  • moves to facilitate (listen in). 

View the Medford School District Philosophy of Mathematics

Parent and Community Involvement

MSD encourages families to support their student's development in Mathematics. Families and Community members can: 

  • Volunteer in the classroom
  • Help students learn math at home using counting games, math games or books
  • Encourage exploring and creating using math to cook, build or craft
  • Attend school Math events
  • Support Math programs through your Parent/Teacher organization

Math Instructional Materials

Learning Standards

Using the Oregon Mathematics Standards,  MSD students will develop deep mathematical understanding of the content standards through mathematical practice. Students will experience a classroom environment that encourages risk-taking, learning from mistakes, and the promotion of a growth mindset.

MSD Math Course Sequence
Math Acceleration in MSD