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Our Beliefs

In the Medford School District, we believe that students should learn science in a way that is engaging and helps them to understand the world around them. We value hands-on learning as the key to making science exciting and memorable. When students touch, experiment, and discover things for themselves, it makes the lessons come alive. We encourage students to ask questions, find answers and solve problems because that's how we learn and grow. Science is integrated into all aspects of learning, connecting it to math, language arts, and other subjects. This way, students can see how science is a part of their everyday lives, making their education more meaningful and enjoyable.

We aim to have all students involved in doing science, not just reading about it. When students do experiments or solve problems, they learn how scientists and engineers think. We teach students science skills, core ideas and concepts so they are prepared to solve problems in their community or their future careers. Having a strong understanding of science can lead to careers in healthcare, engineering,  computer science or even renewable energy. 

Science Program Goals

  • Follow the Oregon Department of Education Science Standards to plan lessons
  • Use real-life examples to help students learn
  • Give all students hands-on learning experiences
  • Provide students time to practice science and engineering across subjects
  • Allow time for students to ask questions and find solutions to problems
  • Help students think deeply using science practices, content and ideas in all lessons

Parent and Community Involvement

MSD encourages families to support their student's development in Science. Families and community members can: 

  • Volunteer in the classroom
  • Help students learn science at home with games, books or low cost science experiments
  • Encourage exploring nature and asking questions
  • Attend school Science or STEAM events
  • Support Science programs through your Parent/Teacher Organization

Science Instructional Materials