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Oregon Talented and Gifted Laws

In 1987 the Oregon Talented and Gifted Education Act passed and was enacted into law as Oregon Revised Statutes 343.407 through 343.413. The act created requirements for Oregon public school districts to identify and to serve students who demonstrate evidence of high intellectual ability or academic talent.

Oregon Administrative Rules 581-022-1310, 1320 and 1330 outline enforcement of the Oregon Talented and Gifted Education Act. OAR 581-022-1510 addresses guidance and counseling. Oregon Revised Statutes 343.319-343.413 also apply. These Oregon Administrative Rules and Statutes apply to all children, grades K-12, in all Oregon public schools.

The Oregon Administrative Rules for the Oregon Talented and Gifted Education Act are as follows:

1.  Each school district shall have policies and procedures for the identification of talented and gifted students.

2.  Parent Rights of Talented and Gifted Students:

  • School districts shall inform parents at the time of identification of the child of the programs and services available.
  • School districts shall provide an opportunity for parents to provide input about the programs and services to be received.
  • Parents may request the withdrawal of their child from programs and services.
  • Parents shall be informed of the right to file a complaint.

3.  Each school district shall have a written plan for programs and services.  The instruction provided to identified students shall address their assessed levels of learning and accelerated rates of learning.

OAR 581-22-1310, 581-1320, 581-22-1330

Oregon Revised Statutes for Talented and Gifted

Oregon Administrative Rules for Talented and Gifted