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    Passwords for the sites above are available in the Library.

    The CMHS Library is your portal to good books and magazines, reliable information, and expert help. We're open daily from 8 am to 4 pm, Wednesdays 8:45 am to 4 pm.
    Regular library book checkout is three weeks with overdue fines of $0.05 per day. Checkout for audiobooks on CD, magazines, and graphic novels is one week with fines of $0.10 per day. If you cannot get to the library to renew your books, please email jill<ahref="mailto:kelly.larson@medford.k12.or.us">.campbell@medford.k12.or.us
    Research & Writing Links 

    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" com="" www.easybib.="">EasyBib: The best citation maker tool
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" knightcite="" library="" edu="" www.calvin.="">Knightcite Citation Maker
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" plagiarism="" tutorials="" ca="" library.acadiau.="">Plagiarism Tutorial
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" com="" pics4learning.="">Pics4Learning: Free images for your documents 

    Social Studies Links
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" index.html"="" ammem="" gov="" memory.loc.="">American Memory from the Library of Congress
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" com="" index.html"="" feature2="" 0402="" ngm="" ngm.nationalgeographic.="">National Geographic Online
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" edu="" www.si.="">Smithsonian Institution
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" gov="" bgn="" ei="" pa="" r="" www.state.="">U.S. Department of State: Background notes on countries of the world
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" gov="" www.oregonlegislature.="">Oregon State Legislature

    Search Engine Links
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" bing.com"="">Bing 

    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" www.google.com"="">Google

    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" yahoo.com"="">Yahoo

    Newspaper Links
    Medford Mail Tribune<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" com="" www.mailtribune.="">
    Oregon Live<ahref="http: target="_blank" com="" 0"="" #="" www.oregonlive.="">

    What Should I Read? Recommended Book Links
    Outstanding Books for the College Bound<ahref="http: target="_blank" 2014-outstanding-books-college-bound-and-lifelong-learners"="" yalsa="" org="" www.ala.="">

    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" com="" main_page"="" php="" index.="" yaseries.bettendorflibrary.="">Series and Sequels
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" yalsa="" org="" www.ala.="" booklistsbook"="" booklistsawards="">American Library Assoc. Young Adult
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" www.guysread.com"="">Guys Read
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" com="" 100-best-novels="" top-100="" www.modernlibrary.="">MLA's 100 Best Novels

    Internet Directories: Find good websites fast! 
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" www.awesomelibrary.org"="">Awesome Library for Teens

    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" org="" www.ipl.="">IPL: Internet Public Library
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" www.answers.com"="">Answers.com

    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" net="" www.k12tlc.="">Teacher Learning Center: Password available in Library.

    Local Library Links
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" jcls.org"="">Jackson County Library Services
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" edu="" hanlib.sou.="">Southern Oregon University Library

    Social Issues & Current Event Links
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" org="" www.annenbergclassroom.="">Justice Learning
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" votesmart.org"="">Project Vote Smart


    Other Links

    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" itools.com"="">iTools: Quick access to the best Internet Tools
    •<ahref="http: target="_blank" com="" #="" home"="" iresearch-reporter.="">iReasearch Reporter  - Summarizes your web search results on the fly

    <ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" com="" www.easybib.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" knightcite="" library="" edu="" www.calvin.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" plagiarism="" tutorials="" ca="" library.acadiau.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" com="" pics4learning.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" index.html"="" ammem="" gov="" memory.loc.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" com="" index.html"="" feature2="" 0402="" ngm="" ngm.nationalgeographic.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" edu="" www.si.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" gov="" bgn="" ei="" pa="" r="" www.state.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" gov="" www.oregonlegislature.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" www.google.com"=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" com="" www.mailtribune.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" com="" 0"="" #="" www.oregonlive.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" com="" main_page"="" php="" index.="" yaseries.bettendorflibrary.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" yalsa="" org="" www.ala.="" booklistsbook"="" booklistsawards=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" www.guysread.com"=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" com="" 100-best-novels="" top-100="" www.modernlibrary.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" org="" www.ipl.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" www.answers.com"=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" jcls.org"=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" edu="" hanlib.sou.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" "="" org="" www.annenbergclassroom.=""><ahref="http: target="_blank" votesmart.org"="">