The Medford School District Athletics Department provides athletics programs designed to support the educational development of our students. Students benefit by learning sportsmanship, ethics, integrity, teamwork, competition, and how to win and lose gracefully.

    We view athletics as an extension of the academic program and strive to model the healthy balance critical to the well-being and success of young people. Athletics can foster pride in our schools and communities, and we value the support of parents, faculty, administrators, and students. 

    Message from Athletic Director 

    Medford School District has a long and storied tradition of excellence and innovation in athletics. As we plan for the future, we want to continue forward thinking.
    Former Medford athlete, Dick Fosbury, first started experimenting with a different way to jump in high school. He went on to win a gold medal in 1968. Today, his method called the "Fosbury Flop" is the standard technique for the high jump. In this manner, we strive to find different ways to achieve our goals.
    Athletics are a means to help increase student connections to their school and the greater community as well as the many life lessons athletics have to offer. We want to expand opportunities for young people to compete and grow. Come join us in celebrating our young athletes by volunteering to help or just spectating as games.
     -Amy Tiger
    Athletic Director & Safety Coordinator