Multicultural Club

  • The Multicultural Club started out as an Hispanic/Latino Club. It’s originating members wanted to have an inclusive experience with “OTHER” cultures, so they changed their focus to ALL people getting together to bond and learn about each other. So the Multicultural Club was born.

    Motto: “A Place for Every Race!”

    The logo of the club was created by artistic members of the original group, who felt a need to create a symbol that represents their attitude and ideas. The club also has a banner that can be placed outdoors for events.

    Over the years the club has done a wide variety of activities including, but not limited to:
    • Camping
    • Skiing
    • Hiking
    • Swimming
    • Cave Spelunking
    • Look up your NAME day (Find origin of your family name)
    • Celebration of Diwali during lunch (Indian Festival of Lights)
    • Scholarships for any student who applies, in order to take ANY language AP test. (Must qualify and owes club volunteer time)
    • Scholarship for students to pay sports fees (Must qualify and owes club volunteer time)
    • Working with the community and helping at the Multicultural Fair
    • Attending community meetings with the Medford Multicultural Committee to gain better understanding of how a city plans events for all citizens.

    The Multi-Cultural Club will meet in room C204 with Mr. Santiago.
    For questions and information please call Mr. Santiago at 541-842-1435 or email him at