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Welcome to the Dropout Prevention Page!

Each year over 500,000 U.S. students drop out of high school (IES, 2008).  Besides having more limited employment options, high school dropouts typically earn much less than those with a diploma, $9,000 per year, or approximately $270,000 over a lifetime of work (IES, 2008).  Students report a multitude of reasons for dropping out ( and as such, all students require different types and combinations of individualized support.

Graduation is an important life achievement, and the teachers and staff at Central Medford High School work together to support all students in achieving this milestone.

With amazing teachers and staff, small class sizes, individualized instruction, accelerated credit options, and many agencies working together, Central can provide a supportive environment where students can create options for their future.

One of the key focuses of our dropout prevention program is attendance.  Researchers at Johns Hopkins University conducted a study on this relationship and found that chronic absenteeism is one of the stongest predictors of dropping out of high school (Balfanz & Byrnes, 2012).  Additionally, they found a 50% difference in graduation rates between students that were absent 5 or fewer days per year and those absent 15 or more days per year (Balfanz & Byrnes, 2012).  It is imperative that students attend school to be succesful.

To support positive attendance habits, CMHS faculty and staff routinely monitor attendance data (utilizing the Attention to Attendance System), track absenteeism, conduct home visits, try to remove barriers to attending school (bus passes, scheduling, etc.), conduct Student Attendance Review Board meetings with parents and students, use positive intervention strategies (PBIS) to reward good attendance habits, and try to make classes as engaging and relevant as possible.

In addition to attendance support, CMHS utilizes restorative justice practices to create a safe, caring environment that is also structured with high expectations.  We have a very strong counselor to help students with their academic goals, we partner with our community members to bring in outside support and to provide outside opportunities, we have full time mental health support here on campus (Family Solutions), as well as a full time College & Career counselor (College Dreams) which specializes in supporting students with their post-secondary goals.  Essentially, CMHS is the best place to be (sorry SMHS & NMHS!) to work towards graduation goals!


Dr. Michael Shunk

Dropout Prevention Coordinator