• English Language Arts Overview 

    The Medford School District’s academic programs are designed around the state-adopted Common Core Standards, supported by adopted curriculum and combined with high-quality instructional practices.

    Elementary school students learn the following skills in English Language Arts: reading, writing, language, and speaking and listening.

    Reading: students learn to decode words as well as understand the meaning of the text.

    Writing: students learn the writing process as well as mode-specific skills in narrative, informative and opinion.

    Language: students learn effective use of conventions and vocabulary.

    Speaking and Listening: students learn to understand communicated ideas, respond to them and collaborate with each other.

    The ability to communicate well, read, write, listen, and speak prepares students for life. Language skills are essential tools, not only because they serve as the necessary basis for further learning and career development, but also because they enrich the human experience and foster responsible citizenship. 

    The Medford School District has adopted Journeys and Collections curriculums for K-12 english language arts classrooms. 
    If you have questions about your student's work in English Language Arts, please contact your school or the Office of Elementary Student Achievement.