Ms. Chu's Website

Ms. Chu's School Website
  • Welcome to Ms. Chu's website!

    I have been a math teacher here at North Medford High School since 2005-2006 school year and I love teaching Honors Geometry and Pre Calculus! My hope is that this site will help you to access resources to help you be more successful in class. 
    If you have been absent or need a little help? You came to the right place. 

    Here you can find assignments you need and recorded videos of some of the lessons in class. (Some may be from a previous year)
    Feel free to email me with questions or come in before class for some quick questions. 
    If you need additional help, my office hours are: 
    • Office hours before lunch
    • Lunch
    • 7th block (by appointment)
    • 8th block (by appointment)
    • After school (by appointment)