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    Students trying to achieve mastery may be asked to apply their understanding in different ways.   Occasionally that might be through an entirely different handout, lab, or assignment, but more often than not it will be through an extension of an assignment.  This does not always mean more work because they may have a shortened version of the original assignment.

    Some students are on plans for shortened work.  One way they will know this is available is because there will be an asterisk (*) next to some questions on a handout.  Students with reduced work loads can view those as optional.  If a student is ever feeling overwhelmed and a shortened version has not been offered, they can always talk to me to see what options are available. 
  • Important Class Dates:

    1/31   Talent Show
    2/3     Teacher Grading Day 
    1/27   Grading Window Open
    2/2     End of 2nd Quarter
    2/3     Grading Day
    2/8     Grades to be entered 
    2/9     Report Cards