• Individual Winners:

         Ammon Ormerod – 1st place for the Algebra/Open Team

         Alyx Cameron – 5th place for the 8th Grade Team

         Robert Doshier – 4th place for the 7th Grade Team


    Team Winners:

         Algebra/Open Team took 1st place

         7th Grade team took 1st place


    Overall our Hedrick team came in 2nd place.


    Pentagames 2017 Team Members:


        7th Grade Team:

             Trevor Denn

             Robert Doshier

             Malisa Kuitert

             Zach McKenzie-Cook

             Marianne Hatley


      8th Grade Team:

            Estella Olsen

            Brooke Owings

            Alyx Cameron

             Rylee Leal


    Algebra-Open Team:

            Ammon Ormerod

            Liam Gurney

            Jordan Sandler

            Caleb Sampson