About Our Department

  • 549C Board of Education provides bus transportation for elementary students living more than one mile from school or secondary students living more than 1 1/2 miles from school, as determined by the district. Students who obtain a district transfer are required to provide their own transportation. All students are transported by yellow buses operated by First Student. Buses arrive at school approximately 10 minutes before starting time and leave school 5 to 10 minutes after dismissal time.

    Bus Routes

    Contact First Student at 772-1114 with questions or concerns.

    Please Note: Due to over-crowding on the buses and changes in school boundaries some of the routes have changed

    • Wednesday AM only -All Middle & High schools will start later, buses will arrive at their morning stops 20 minutes later.
    • Wednesday PM only - Elementary schools will dismiss at 1:00. Buses will arrive approximately 90 minutes earlier than the typical drop off time.
    • The Ruch Elementary schedule does not change