Welcome to BACH! - Bridging the Arts, Communication and Humanities

  • In Bach, our core values that we strive to follow are: Broadminded, Aware, Community, and Humility. We accept, love, and raise up Bach members as well as everyone else just as a true family would. BACH is an extremely diverse small school that encompasses a variety of students of different backgrounds and beliefs. BACH is a small school family that values creativity and self-expression. We want our students to know that they do not have to be completely artsy to be part of our family, but need to be open-minded, accepting of others, and willing to help our community. 

    Bach also brings a sense of community to our school by hosting Bach Fest, movie nights, our annual ceramic bowl fundraiser, Art Town field experience and so much more. Bach Fest is a time to share your talents, while your peers and fellow Bach family members watch and support you. As you can see/tell we love to have fun. We love to support and make others feel welcome. No matter what your circumstances, we can all use our strengths to support each other.

    Thank you from the BACH Small school.

  • What's happening in BACH?




    Bowl Sale   Mother's day bowl sale 


    Fine arts fest Fine arts festival (Just know this pictur is gonna change)