• Small School Success

     When enrollments are small enough so that students and teachers know one another well, schools take on a different feel.

    Students in small schools (100 to 400 in Elementary):
    •Have more positive attitudes toward school
    •Behave better (as measured by truancy, discipline problems, violence, theft, substance abuse, and gang participation).
    •Participate in more extracurricular activities.
    •Are less likely to drop out.
    •Have better attendance.
    •Have a greater sense of belonging.
    •Are less likely to feel anonymous or alienated.
    •Take on more leadership roles, positive attitudes and self confidence.
    •Significant results with K-8 school students scoring higher in standardized test scores than their peers.

    Reference sites: NW Regional Educational Laboratory American Association of School Administrators


    Ruch Outdoor Community School Recognitions and Awards:

    •Bronze Award Recipient from Healthier Generation and American Heart Association
    •Early Career Science Teacher OSTA Award 2016
    •Recognized as School of Excellence from Oregon Government Officials
    •Top 100 Place-Based Schools Internationally


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