• Join Hedrick Middle School’s Speech and Debate Team!

    What is it?

    Hedrick Middle School’s Speech and Debate team is an opportunity for any student to become a better speaker, listener, and competitor. Each student will learn about Speech and Debate events, prepare for one themselves, and, if they choose, compete or present with their own original work.

    Why is it important?

    Speech and Debate isn’t just talking and arguing, it’s about true communication and being informed. Preparing for a speech event often times means constructing quality essays, both informative and persuasive, as well as finding credible sources to back them up. Interpretive pieces require creativity and original thought, and true debate includes sound logic paired with quick thinking. Above all, it teaches kids to think for themselves while being respectful to others which is an important life skill. Also it’s a lot of fun!

    When and where is it?

    Fridays after school at Hedrick from 4-5pm in the multipurpose room.

    How do I join?

    Please fill out the permission slip below, and return to the Hedrick office. 


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