The Discovery Program is a concrete, skills-based curriculum that creates positive change in students.  

    The Discovery program objectives are as follows:

    • To develop a strong sense of community and establish positive support systems for all students
    • To teach, practice, and provide feedback on positive social skills
    • To reinforce the culture of the classroom/school and ensure that all students realize what is expected of them and what they can expect from staff.

    Foundational Agreements:

    We will be utilizing the “6 P’s” which are the foundation for success here at Central and in life.

    1. Prompt - Students are expected to be in class at the bell, ready to work and engage.  Students will complete work promptly, based on clear deadlines provided by faculty.  Faculty and staff will be ready with engaging lessons, a supportive learning environment, and will provide prompt and meaningful feedback.  Students are expected to maintain an attendance average of 80%+ to remain at Central.
    2. Prepared - Students will be prepared to learn and engage each day.  This means physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for school.  This means clear minded, not under the influence, a good night’s sleep, ate breakfast, and leaving drama off school campus.  We agree to focus on our attending skills.
    3. Polite - ALL people from all backgrounds, cultures, gender, sexual orientation or identities, age, religious backgrounds, or disabilities are treated with dignity and respect in all interactions.
    4. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) - Students and staff will bring a positive, solutions-based, collaborative mindset to their work and interactions with each other.  We will focus on what is working and what we can control to improve and build a positive future.
    5. Participate - Students and staff will be actively engaged in student learning and will endeavor to be “in the moment”, as compared to dwelling in past challenges or worrying about the future.  Students will follow teacher policies in regards to appropriate technology use in the classroom.
    6. Produce - Our culture is product oriented.  You will be assessed on what you produce. 

    Additional Links and Information:

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    Research:  http://www.discoveryprogram.net/research/

    Program Overview:  http://discoveryprogram.net/program-overview/

    Curriculum Units:  http://www.discoveryprogram.net/curriculum-units/