We (Heart) the Class of 2020
  • Grad Drive 2020 - Details for Seniors (Full Details)

    • When: Friday, May 29

    • Time: Be there by 2pm

    • Where: Your elementary school


    Diploma Walks - May 30 (NMHS & SMHS) & June 4 (CMHS)

    • Schedules announced by Wednesday, May 27.
    • Students, please keep an eye on your MSD549C Gmail accounts

    • Parents, please keep an eye on your email for more info


    A Tribute To Seniors - Virtual Graduation Message (Full Details)

    •  The 'Tribute to Seniors' videos will stream to each school's Facebook page, as well as on our District streaming software, Stretch
    • Videos will be available for on-demand streaming after the event concludes

    • North Medford High School: May 30, 6:00PM
    • South Medford High School: May 30, 7:00PM

    • Central Medford High School: June 4, 7:00PM


    A Community Celebration of the Class of 2020

    • Date to be determined - When restrictions are lifted
    • To honor seniors’ wishes for a full class gathering when health restrictions are lifted, the MSD will set a date for each Class of 2020 to gather on their respective fields in cap and gown to create a life-size “Class of 2020” with their classmates

Graduation Messages from Principals

  • May 8, 2020: Letter from Principals

  • Previous Message from Principals

Class of 2020

  • What about our seniors?

  • Am I going to graduate?

  • Are Senior Project and Essential Skills required?

  • What about graduation?

  • As a Senior, what should I be focusing on right now?

  • How do I get the fines off of my account?

  • How will I get my Yearbook?

  • What if I am taking an AP exam? What if I am enrolled in dual credit?

  • Where do I get my students’ transcripts?

  • Are seniors doing summer school?

  • What happens to Seniors who are in AP classes and have paid for SOU credits?

  • How can we return our textbooks? If fees build up, can they be waived? Will the senior fee requirement be dropped?

  • What else do I need to know?