• "Reopening Plans at McLoughlin"

    Dear McLoughlin Families,

    Today we are grateful to share with you the long awaited plans to bring students back to campus in-person. Like you, we desperately want to provide safe avenues for students to return to in-person learning. We know that students are seeking more connections, more support and more interaction. While we know we can’t safely bring all students back 100% of the time, we have been hard at work at a plan that allows us to maximize every possible opportunity. 

    We will continue to share important details for our Reopening Plans each Friday - please be sure to stay connected and reach out with any questions.

    Yesterday, Dr. Champion released District-Wide Reopening Plans. Please review a very useful FAQs document that addresses many safety protocols and common questions. The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) sets forth strict guidelines for school districts - these are called the Ready Schools, Safe Learners (RSSL) guidelines. Our reopening plans are based on the requirements and guidance in this document.

    What is the Middle School Timeline?
    Middle Schools will continue our regular comprehensive distance learning schedule while we start our transitions and orientations to in-person learning.

    During the week of February 16, we will begin our “Ramping-In” plans which invites every student in for on-campus activities with teachers. Every student will be invited to participate one or more times during our “Ramping-In” phase.

    Our full hybrid start will begin on Monday, March 29 at the start of trimester 3.

    What is Hybrid Learning?
    Given the guidance in RSSL, we must follow the physical distancing protocols of 35 square feet (or 6 feet) per person in our classrooms. This requires us to reduce the capacity in every classroom to a safe number. In such, our students will be divided into two cohorts - each attending in-person learning two days per week. This allows us to safely support in-person learning at 50% capacity each day.

    How long will the school day be?
    Our daily schedule in Hybrid Learning will be 9:00-3:45 pm (10:00-3:45 pm on CDL Wednesdays). There will be an optional extended day program onsite from 4:00-5:00 pm.

    What about the days my student is not in-person?
    While students are in-person for two full days (9:00-3:45) plus the optional extended day program, it does require that students work asynchronously two days a week. We recognize that this is a challenge for many students and families. The positive trade-off is that ALL students will have interactive in-person learning for nearly 12 hours a week. We are working with our staffing to provide support and check-ins for students that are working at home on their “off” days.

    How will I know which days my student attends?
    Our two cohorts will be Black - attends in-person on Monday & Thursday and Gold - attends in-person on Tuesday and Friday. We are still finalizing how to divide our students into two cohorts evenly with our capacity needs. This will likely be split alphabetically.

    What are some of the safety precautions that will be in place at school?
    This FAQ document will answer many questions regarding safety measures. We will continue to address these measures in upcoming communications, video messages and orientations on campus. Just a few of the measures include: drop-off and pick-up areas, assigned entry and exits areas by team, restrooms, one-way hallways and traffic patterns.

    Will busses be running?
    Yes! Students that reside 1.5 miles or more from McLoughlin will be eligible for bussing. Regular routes will be re-established with our transportation partner, First Student.

    What do I do if I want my student to remain on full-virtual (online) learning?
    We understand some families desire to maintain their connections with their community schools, even if their students don’t plan to return for in-person instruction. However, in order to ensure we are offering the highest quality learning opportunities for students, we will have only one instructional model at our schools. The one school that will offer full online learning, will be the Medford Online Academy (MOA), which will be the option for families who don’t want their students to return to in-person learning. MOA was created and designed for online instruction, and is taught by local teachers! We are prepared to add staffing to MOA to accommodate increased demand based on the return to in-person instruction. If families wish to enroll at MOA, they should fill out this transfer form.  This form needs to be completed no later than January 29 in order for us to ensure there is adequate staff for our students.

    We also need to know if your student plans to ride a bus to school and if you need after-school. Please let us know by filling out this Intent to Ride Form and this After-School Care Form. Getting this information ahead of time will allow us to design bus routes to accommodate physical distancing and support our child care providers as they design programs off our new model.

    Will there be any after-school activities?
    Yes. We will be offering an extended day program for students to attend on their in-person school days from 4:00-5:00 pm.

    Coming next week in our next Reopening Communication:
    -Ramping In Plans (Students on Campus)
    -Orientation Week
    -Sample Hybrid Schedules

    We are working quickly to add all of our reopening plans to our school website and will soon have a dedicated page for all things “Reopening”.

    As always, thank you for trusting us with your amazing students and for your continued support this year. We look forward to welcoming our students back soon!


    Kelly Soter