About the Medford School District

District Office
  • The Medford School District is a premier district that encompasses 361 square miles in the heart of Southern Oregon's beautiful Rogue River Valley. We serve 14,000 students in 14 elementary schools, two middle schools, three high schools and four charter schools.

    Read our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan here.

    Our Vision:

    “We are a premier school district that inspires remarkable achievement, and empowers students to succeed and contribute in a changing world.”

    Our Mission:

    “To foster the talents and interests of a community of life-long learners through a meaningful education that challenges students to reach their unlimited potential.”


    A Premier School District in the State of Oregon!

    We measure our success by student outcomes and success.

    A Place For Every Kid!

    We must find ways to engage every kid in our district in a relevant program, pathway or area of interest.


    Our school district is a vital part of the fabric of this community.

    Graduation Rate:

    The Medford overall graduation rate is 77.15%, up from 74.95% in 2014-15. The state overall graduation rate is 74.83%, up from 73.82% in 2014-15. 


    The current Medford School District Enrollment is:

    • Elementary 7,932
    • Middle 2,059
    • High             3,911
    • Total w/Charters 13,902
    • Charters           -1,524
    • Total w/o Charters 12,378
    • Sped Percentage 13.3%
    • ELL Percentage 7.5%
    • Latino Percentage 20.5% 

    Number of Employees:

    • Full Time 628
    • Part Time 22 (under 1.0 FTE)
    • Total Certified 650
    • Full Time 371
    • Part Time 243
    • Total Classified 614
    • Special Education Staff: 11%
    • ELL Staff: 2.75%
    • Latino Staff: 9.6%

    Board Goals:

    1. Academic mastery (beyond proficiency)
    2. Equity for all
    3. 3rd grade reading
    4. Accelerate learning (tiered interventions)
    5. Graduation rate
    6. High tech learning (proposed new board goal)

District Leadership Staff