Chromebook Information

  • Chromebooks are availble for all SMHS students. Pick up times are Monday - Friday, from noon to 3:30 pm.

    Click the link below to set up Chromebook. 

    Getting Started On Your Chromebook

    Resetting Student Password 

     Troubleshooting WIFI Connection Issues

    Shut down and restart your Chromebook: 

    Open the start menu and click “Shut Down.” 

    Use the power button to restart your Chromebook. 

    If that doesn’t work, try a Forced Restart. 

    Press the power button plus the refresh button at the same time. Wait for the 

    device to power completely down, and then turn the device back on. 

    If you continue experiencing connectivity issues or you receive an error message, 

    contact the Helpdesk by email at or phone at 541-842-1111.

    How Do I Charge the Chromebook?

    You will periodically need to charge your device. Use the cord provided to you with the rectangular box. It will charge the fastest and allow you to use the device and charge at the same time.

    A Neat Chromebook Trick!

    Here is a great hack for accessing a split screen on a Chromebook! Click Alt and the [ button at the same time, it will allow a split screen allowing students to meet and look at their work at the same time.

    Split screen