Marisa Poling is an educator who thrives on building connections between schools and home.

    Marisa values a global perspective and devotes her work to bringing out the best culture in the teams with whom she works. Her various leadership opportunities include instructional coaching, Dean and Principal. She is currently serving elementary students and supporting a preschool, School Based Health Center, and Dual Language Program. Being an integral part of schools/districts in Arizona and Oregon, Marisa is passionate about networking amongst people and encouraging them to share their work through a balanced head and heart.


    Mrs. Poling’s educational experiences has allowed her to collaborate with a diverse group of people. She shares with her colleagues the common goal of increasing student achievements and improving the social well-being of children. Connecting people to their passion has lead Marisa in her work over the past 20 years in education. Marisa says, “having healthy communities and partnerships is just one way that we teach students.” Growing up in Southern Oregon, Marisa enjoys raising her children in this beautiful valley and engaging in family activities including: traveling, cooking, skiing, river rafting, and listening to music/podcasts.

    Very sincerely,

    Marisa Poling

    Jackson Elementary School, Principal