Jonathan Lyons

  • Dear South Community,


    My name is Jonathan Lyons, and I am excited to be coming on board as Principal this coming fall. As a high school educator for my entire career, I cannot think of a better place to continue my work than here in Medford. While I am new to the area, I do have roots here. My wife was a South High School graduate, with the letterman jacket to prove it! Her family lives in the Applegate Valley, and her father is a retired member of both the Medford Police and the Jackson County Sheriff Departments. My twins will be attending South and my youngest will be at an MSD middle school! 


    In my previous school, I am particularly proud of the 98% graduation rate and high academic achievement. We worked to enhance after school tutoring opportunities for students, created a wellness center, and increased opportunities for students to receive college credit. I look forward to working with my new team to continue to improve the student experience at South. 


    I bring with me not just experience, but energy and enthusiasm for the high school experience. I grew up on a high school campus as my mom was a special education teacher for 30 years. Prior to having our kids, my wife taught elementary school. Our family deeply values the role education plays childrens’ lives and I am proud that all three of my boys feel that school can be a second home for them. I am sure it is exactly what you want, too, for South Medford High School to be a home for your students. There is no place I would rather be than standing on the sideline or sitting in the theater watching our students find their joy and passion.


    You may have some concerns about my hiring based on some recent news articles. We address the concerns in a Q & A, posted here. I hope you will give grace and not place judgment based on one past incident, but on how I lead SMHS.


    Over the coming weeks and months, I look forward to meeting and engaging with you about the school, learning more about its history, and where we all want to go in the future.


    In the meantime, I welcome any questions you may have at



    Jon Lyons

    SMHS Principal

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