• What makes Kennedy Elementary School unique?

    The Medford School District is fairly large and very diverse. Each school community has its own character, and each school has its specialties. If you are considering living in the Kennedy School attendance area, what do we have to offer?
    We are a caring and friendly staff.
    Have you walked into some local business that offer strong customer service? Our most successful local businesses keenly focus on serving their customers in a friendly way. They provide support and flex to meet customer needs. That is our goal at Kennedy. There are many options for families, including private schools and charter schools. Public schools are no longer the “only game in town.” We go the extra mile to ensure that students, families and patrons feel welcome and have their needs exceeded.
    We use high quality programs and strategies.
    Over the last ten years, new resources have become available that are “Consumer Reports” for educators. These resources offer the highest level of scrutiny for programs and strategies.  We study these resources, and implement the best quality strategies to ensure we are at the cutting edge.
    We offer fun activities for students and their families.
    We have a very active and positive Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). They offer a Fall Carnival, Holiday Store, free movie nights, and come along side our staff to improve your child’s school experience. This spring we will showcase all Kennedy students in a new event called “Kennedy's Got Talent.”
    We implement innovative programs.
    The Arts: We have  a partnership with the Rogue Gallery, and offer quality art instruction to our fifth grade students. This year, we are hoping to include all students in more arts instruction, in order to round out your child's school experience.
    History Comes Alive: Three of our staff are involved in a grant to improve history instruction, and have traveled to history sites on the east coast to directly experience US History.
    Latest Technology:  Two teachers are piloting the use of new technologies, to teach students how to fluently use Google laptops and iPads. Many teachers offer “virtual field trips” and use technology in other unique ways.
    In summary: We offer a balanced approach.
    In order for students to meet and exceed high academic standards, we have to use the best strategies and create a positive and engaging environment for our students and families.  In order to live an enriched life, students need to have arts and technology instruction, as well.
    We hope you will join us!