• logo Mission Statement:
    Ruch Outdoor Community School is committed to creating and maintaining a learning environment
    that provides each individual the opportunity to excel academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.
    In partnership with the community and a focus on place based pedagogy, we will guide students toward lifelong lifelong success, responsible citizenship and environmental stewardship.

    We Believe:

    • All people can learn, given an opportunity and the appropriate environment
    • High expectations motivate learners to achieve their personal best
    • All people have unique talents and abilities and are worthy of respect
    • Students are responsible for their behavior and academic efforts
    • All people in the community contribute to the success of the school
    • Learning and performance are enhanced by positive self-esteem
    • Quality education encourages lifelong learning
    • The four components of literacy-reading, writing, listening and speaking are foundational to learning
    • Respectful attitudes foster good citizenship and school pride
    • Teamwork is essential in pursuit of educational goals

    Motto:              Proud to be a Responsible Individual Dedicated to Excellence (PRIDE)
    Mascot:            Cougar

    School Colors:  Navy Blue and Orange

    School Week:   We operate on a 4 Day School Week ~ Tuesday through Friday ~ We have no school on Mondays unless there is a noted exception.          

    Grades:             Kindergarten through 8th Grades  + The Ivy School  Pre School 

    Enrollment:      189
    Staff:                 26

    To learn more about our Academic Programs, click here: Academic Overview
    Student Transportation: Students who live one mile or more from school are bussed to and from school. Children who live less than one mile from school walk or are transported by car unless it requires them to cross Hwy 238.
    High School Attendance Areas: After finishing eighth grade, Ruch students attend South Medford High School.