Mr. Alonzo's PE

2nd Grade
  • About PE

    In PE, students will learn a wide variety of skills that are important for various fitness games and sports. These skills will hopefully stay with the students as they get older so they can continue a physically active lifestyle for the rest of their lives. Some examples of skills that students will learn or practice are: various locomotor skills (skipping, galloping, hopping, etc.) throwing a ball, kicking a ball, dribbling a ball, shooting a basketball, swinging a baseball or softball bat, catching a ball, setting a volleyball, and bumping a volleyball. In addition, students will practice and learn ways to improve their overall fitness. This will include cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. Students are tested in these three areas, three times each year. The tests that the student participate in are the Shoulder stretch, 1/2 mile or 1 mile run, Curl-Up test, Push-up test, Sit-and-reach, and the PACER.
    In a typical PE day, students will enter the gym, being seated in their assigned spot, and listen to directions. I will quickly take roll, inform the students about what they will be working on that day, and review expectations. The student will then start doing a warm-up which typically includes jogging, skipping, galloping, 1 or 2 other locomotor exercises, and finish with a short sprint. Students will then get in lines to practice exercise for core strength and upper body strength. 
    After this warm-up period, we usually get into a quick instant-activity game for about 5-8 minutes. Following the instant activity, I will teach the students the skills we are working on that day, and the game/activity the students will do to improve those skills. Students will then have about 20 minutes to participate in the activity and work on their skills. If time remains at the end, we will do some static stretching to improve flexibility.
    In PE, students get graded based on their effort, behavior, and participation. 
    It is important that students wear proper PE/exercise clothing and footwear on PE days. This will help students physically perform to the best of their ability, but also help prevents injuries. If clothing/footwear is a saftey issue (heals, flip flops, etc.), students will not be allowed to participate in the activity and their grade is negatively effected. See schedule for PE days/times.

    Important Dates:

    Jan. 27th- Begin 2nd round of Fitness Testing

    Feb. 17th- Begin Basketball unit

    March 18- Deadline for Mayor's Cup registration