• School Health Services

    Health Services in the Medford School District are coordinated and supervised by Registered Nurses (RNs). Services provided through a school-health program include identification of health concerns, nursing assessments, and the development of individual health care plans to ensure a safe school experience for students with health-related concerns. School nurses provide many services, described below.

    Health Management for chronic illness

    • Seek input from licensed medical providers and parents
    • Develop health care plans
    • Staff training for medical procedures (including nurse delegation)
    • Supervise and follow up medical procedures
    • Work with school administrators, food service, and teachers to create nut-aware zones for students with severe allergies
    • Nurses available for consultation during school hours
    • Medication Management (for medications required during school hours)
    • State approved medication administration training and ongoing supervision

     Emergency Medication Training

    • Epi-pen administration
    • Glucagon administration

    Acute Illness Assessment

    • Recommendations regarding a student's sudden symptoms of illness
    • Guidance to school personnel (referral to ER, rest, home, doctor)

    Community Resource Referrals

    • Primary care providers
    • Acute care providers
    • Vision care
    • Dental care
    • Food and other basic needs
    • Coordinate with schools and families to help students access mental health, behavioral health, and other health needs that may arise
    • Oregon Health Plan (Healthy Kids Program)

    Communicable Disease Database** (currently under construction)

    For information regarding specific diseases, including their cause, signs, and symptoms, incubation periods, communicability, and method of transmission, please access the communicable disease database by selecting the link below.

    Communicable Disease Database (English)

    Communicable Disease Database (Spanish)

    Authorization to Disclose Information/Permiso Para Obtener y Divulgar Informacion

    At times, you may want your child’s doctor to be able to speak with your child’s teacher or school health nurse. In order to disclose information, the District needs your written permission. Please use the above form when giving the District permission to speak with your child’s doctor or other provider.

    Individualized Health Care Plan/Plan de Salud Individualizado

    If your District Nurse has contacted you regarding a care plan for the following conditions, and you wish to provide us with written instructions for your child’s health condition, please complete one of the following forms and return to your child’s school.


    Food Allergy/Reacción Alérgica a Comida

    Insect Sting/Picadura de insecto

    Seizures/Caso de ataques

    Guidelines for Exclusion

    For guidelines regarding when a student should be excluded from school due to illness, please follow the above link.

    Head Lice Brochure

    Medications at School

    For information regarding administration of medication at school, please follow the above link. 

    Jackson County Health Department


    Center for Disease Control and Prevention

    800-232-4636 (TTY 888-232-6348)

    National Institutes for Health (NIH)


  • Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy, and MAC
  • Hedrick, Central, and Howard
  • Hoover, Lone Pine, and Oak Grove
  • Jackson, Jacksonville, and Ruch
  • Jefferson and NOSA
  • Roosevelt, and Washington
  • SMHS and Griffin Creek
  • Wilson and NMHS
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