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    The McLoughlin Athletic Program is committed to:  

    • Fostering strong relationships that build strong team members and teammates.                    
    • Prioritizing foundational skill building.
    • Facilitating fun activities in a safe space for student-athletes.
    • Teaching student-athletes about the spirit of healthy competition.


    Code of Conduct 

    Aktivate- Online Athlete Registration

    Driving Directions


    McLoughlin offers the following sports throughout the school year.

    Fall - Football (7th & 8th) / Volleyball (7th & 8th) / Cross Country (6th-8th)

    Winter - Boys Basketball (7th & 8th, before Winter Break) Girls Basketball (after Winter Break, 7th & 8th) & Wrestling (after Winter Break, 6th-8th)

    Spring - Track & Field (6th-8th)


    Participation Fee Information: 

    First two sports for the school year - $50 each - additional sports for a year at no additional cost.

    Disclaimer: Due to increasing costs, the football participation fee is now $75 per student. 

    Participation Fee Refund Policy:  If a student is cut from a team, the fee will be refunded. If he/she quits the team or becomes ineligible to participate, the participation fee will not be refunded. If a student is injured and can no longer participate because of the injury, the family may appeal to the athletic director for a partial or full refund.


    Uniform Fee Information

    McLoughlin supplies free uniforms for all sports.

    A $60.00 lost/damaged fee will be applied to student accounts should equipment not be returned or need to be replaced due to damages.


    Colin Bado - Athletic Director

    Jessica Friden - Athletic Secretary

    Phone: 541-842-3727 / Fax 541-842-1652