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  • How do I search for answers to commonly asked technology questions?

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    Please visit our Solutions bank in ServiceDesk work order system for searchable documentation on commonly asked questions. 



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  • How can I change my network password?

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    From a district computer, please follow one of the methods below.

    METHOD 1:   [NOTE:  MUST BE USED IF YOUR PASSWORD HAS EXPIRED] At the Windows login screen; click Create a Password Reset Disk. (Don't be confused by the text. You are not creating a a disk.) The Specops Password Reset window will open --> enter your user name (firstname.lastname) --> click Next. Answer your 3 security questions. You will then be prompted to enter your new password. Your password must contain at least 8 characters and cannot be any of your previous 3 passwords. Ener your new password and then confirm your new password by typing it again. Click Finish.

    METHOD 2: Click on the START button --> click on All Apps --> locate and click on the Specops Software folder --> Click on the Specops Password Reset folder --> Click on Change Password. You will be taken to the Password Reset web program to create a new password.

    METHOD 3: Once logged into the computer press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, select Change a Password and follow the prompts.

    From home, please follow this method.

    METHOD 1: Launch your internet browser--> go to the MSD website http://www.medford.k12.or.us --> click the Staff link. Click the Employee Web E-mail link --> In Outlook Web App click the Reset Password link --> the Password Reset window will open. Enter your user name: firstname.lastname --> click Next. Answer your three security questions --> type your New Password --> confirm your new password by retyping it --> click Finish.

    Please remember that once your password is changed, any external devices (phone, tablet, wi-fi, etc.) will need to be updated with your new password. If you do not update the password on your external devices, this may result in your account being locked out automatically.

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  • How do I login to the MSD Outlook Web App (OWA)?

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    Open an Internet browser

    • Go to the MSD website www.medford.k12.or.us

    • Click on Staff in the left navigation pane

    • Click on Employee Web E-mail link

    • Enter your network User Name

    • Enter your network Password

    • Click Sign in

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  • How do I connect to MSD-WiFi?

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    MSD Employees (with District Network Accounts)

    If the user is logging into a laptop on our domain (MSDNET), MSD-WiFi will recognize their account and automatically connect, no other action is required.

    If the user is connecting using an iPad, iPod Touch or smartphone they will be prompted to enter their network credentials after selecting the MSD-WiFi wireless network.

    Upon submitting their credentials, they will be prompted to accept a security certificate. The user MUST accept the certificate to gain access to the MSD-WiFi network.

    Users with a district account but have a non-district Windows laptop or tablet need to contact HelpDesk for additional instructions.

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  • How to I connect to MSD-Guest WiFi

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    Guests (Users without District Network Accounts)

    After connecting to MSD-Guest-WiFi, the Medford Schools Guest Login portal will open. You will need to click on Create Account (or login with your Guest username if you have already created an account that day).

    Follow the on-screen directions to create an account. This account will remain active for 24 hours.

    For more detailed instructions on connecting to MSD-Guest-WiFi, the user needs to contact HelpDesk.

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  • How do I pin programs to my taskbar in Windows 10?

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    You can pin often used apps or programs to both the Start menu and the taskbar.

    1. Click the ‘Start button’, then select ‘All apps‘ OR Click the ‘Start button’ and start typing to search for your app OR right-click on a currently opened app.

    2. Right-click on the app you want to pin.

    3. Select’ Pin to Start’ OR ‘Pin to taskbar’.

    Make the Start menu yours by pinning apps and programs and moving and regrouping those pinned tiles (see ‘Group your Apps’ below).

    If you need more space, resize the Start menu to make it bigger by resting your cursor on the edge of the start menu until it looks like , then drag to the right.

    TIP: Once you pin a new app to the start menu, resize it. Right-click the app tile, select Resize and then choose the tile size you want. Each app has its own range of size settings you can select from.


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